Powerful Techniques to Finger a Girl and Make Her Squirt

fingering-1238553_640Are you ready for a night when you please your girl the way she deserves? We have the powerful techniques to finger her and make her squirt as never before. You have the power in your fingers and with a magical touch you can make your girl to want sex every night. The vagina is a very sensitive organ with a lot of nerves that if you stimulate properly can make an exceptional orgasm. What do you need?

Three Tips to Finger a Girl So You Can Make Her Cum

Make a Great Atmosphere

Every girl wants a clear and tidy place. So, you need to clean your room for a magical smell and to make your bed comfy. If you want to please your girlfriend or wife, you have to know what kind of atmosphere she wants. If she is a romantic soul then light some candles and play some music, but if she is not a romantic soul – you better make sure to find out what does she wants. On the other hand if you meet a girl at the bar, well then it is enough that your place is clean and smells good.

Start with Stimulating Her Mind

A girl’s brain is very different from a men’s brain. Men want sexy underwear, great butt and tits, but girls want their mind’s seduced. Start by whispering to your girl what you plan to do her tonight, sent her seductive messages and then she will rush in your home to ask you to make her squirt. She will be desperate for your touch and can’t wait to feel you inside her. If you meet a girl in a bar, then firstly make sure that she wants you tonight and then star saying to her what she can expect from you.

Powerful Fingers

Ah, finally the foreplay. If you can make a powerful foreplay, then you can be sure that your girl will squirt tonight. Every girl want an alpha men, who will grab her ass, pull her hair and lay her down on the bed. That moves drives them crazy. First kiss her neck passionately, then her boobs and then go down to her vagina. Put some watery lubricant on your fingers and start making circular touches on a girl’s clitoris. This will stimulate her vagina. Once her vagina is wet, you can put a finger inside and make round circles. Stroke your finger back and forth and then you can put another finger. Build the intensity of the fingers as she is starting to turn on more and more. You can see that by her body reaction. Start stimulate her G-spot inside the vagina while you still make circular touches on her clitoris. This will make her going nuts and orgasm. Speed things up and don’t worry you won’t hurt her, she just enjoys. If she is hurt she will tell you to slow down. What is most important is when you see her reaching the top, do not stop, just continue to do what you do faster and faster. Later on she will love you the most for making her reach the orgasm of her life.