eat-her-out-1206796_640Vaginas can be unpredictable. Ask any girl. Consequently, she might be conscious about you getting up close and personal with her vagina. However, women LOVE when you go down on them. It’s the ultimate sign of trust, and it has additional healing and relaxation benefits. Here is how to please her:

Get Her to Be Comfortable

Give her time to relax. Heck, you can tell her to relax. This way, she gets to enjoy oral sex as much as you do. Next, get her in a comfortable position. Prop pillow if you have to, whatever position works best for both of you. Remember, the wider she is, the better access for you, which means more pleasure for her.

Take Your Time

Tease her. Focus attention on the rest of her body first to warm her up. The “heat-seeking tongue missile technique” doesn’t work for women. You must build her up before you go in for the kill.
Spread the love… slowly.

The idea of oral sex is to savor every moment of it. You do not have to devour hungrily and at the clit. It gets very uncomfortable if it is overstimulated. Mix it up with other areas that are sensitive such as her inner thighs, labia and even the vagina itself. Play with your tongue; make it hard, rigid, pointy or soft. Be experimental and you will find 1001 ways of stimulating her that you never knew before. Nibble (SOFTLY!!) on various parts, and you can use your breath on her super sensitive skin.


Listen to her response. She does not have to speak for you to hear her. Just listen and observe her behavior. If the breathing is getting heavier and moaning, you are doing it right. If she is tightening her grip on your head, you might want to continue doing what you are doing because her pleasure is heightening and she is about to climax.

Also, listen to her rhythm and work with it. Don’t change the pace suddenly. I repeat, DO not change the pace suddenly! Your jaw might be hurting, but at this point, persistence is key. Carry on until she climaxes.


Depending on what you like as a couple, you can try out different things. You can incorporate sex toys, or use various positions such as 69. The ultimate goal is to increase pleasure through new ways.

You can also use your hands, not necessarily on her lady parts, but also on the rest of her body. Caressing her body and breasts can add extra pleasure to oral sex. You can also use it to stimulate her G-spot while licking her clit to intensify her climax.

Benefits of Oral Sex

Women benefit from oral sex as it relieves stress, boosts immunity, burns calories, decreases pain, and increases intimacy. It is important to note that what worked for a particular day might not necessarily work for the next. The key to giving your girl excellent oral is to try out different things and finding one that works for her at that time. Be experimental and you will be rewarded by an orgasm or multiple orgasms!

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