Sperm Tastes Delicious – How to Make Your Semen Taste Better

Most men long to shoot bigger loads of ejaculate so that they could enjoy more intense orgasms. Not only this, men desire to have a better tasting semen so that women have nothing to complain. Fortunately, the taste of semen is a lot more under your control than you may expect. The food and chemicals that you put into your body affect your sperm taste. The taste of your ejaculate is affected by a lot of factors including diet and here are a few simple tips to improve it.

First off, eating foods with natural sugars gives a sweeter sperm taste. This includes most fruits, such as apples or pineapples. The sugars enter the body and affect the flavor so that your semen tastes better. Similarly, foods that contain a lot of water are also good for eliminating toxins and create a sweeter taste in your semen. Foods such as parsley or celery are mainly water, and this helps to flood out toxins that usually make sperm taste bitter or salty. Other foods that have the same effect are lighter vegetables since they offer healthier sugars into your diet. Overall, you should keep in mind that having more water itself is generally helpful for your semen flavor. In fact, most people do not consume nearly enough water per day. If you don’t drink a lot of water, consider seriously changing that habit.

You should avoid naturally stinky foods and spices. For example, you may love garlic, but garlic also makes sperm taste bitter or salty. Foods that are known for giving you a lot of bad gas tend to give your semen a bad taste. For instance, avoid foods such as cabbage or cheese. These will only give you strong smelling semen. Similarly, most foods that are known for giving bad breadth are known for being bad for semen taste.

Consider consuming lighter/ leaner proteins. This is both good for your health and for your semen taste. For example lighter meats lead to a less salty taste, so, instead of beef, consider switching to fish or chicken. This is a healthy choice that has the added bonus of improving the flavor of your sperm.

Choose healthier foods over unhealthy foods. Your body tends to produce worse tasting semen when it is given bad chemicals. Bad chemicals make your sperm taste bitter and stinky. The basic theme to pay attention to is that what you put in your body affects what you put out. A lot about better tasting semen is avoiding things that put toxins into your body. Putting junk food into your body will give your semen an awful taste. For example, fast foods will make your semen stink more. Similarly caffeine, cigarettes or alcohol are awful for both your health and sperm flavor. Avoid these unless you want to turn her off with its taste.

Moreover, there are some supplements that can be a big help increasing the quality and quantity of your seminal fluid. These supplements are comprised of highly potent herbs and other nutrients that not only help you on the above counts but also enhance overall sexual function by ensuring rock hard erections and increased sex drive. Put simply, choose healthy choices over unhealthy choices. It helps both health and semen taste.

Powerful Techniques to Finger a Girl and Make Her Squirt

fingering-1238553_640Are you ready for a night when you please your girl the way she deserves? We have the powerful techniques to finger her and make her squirt as never before. You have the power in your fingers and with a magical touch you can make your girl to want sex every night. The vagina is a very sensitive organ with a lot of nerves that if you stimulate properly can make an exceptional orgasm. What do you need?

Three Tips to Finger a Girl So You Can Make Her Cum

Make a Great Atmosphere

Every girl wants a clear and tidy place. So, you need to clean your room for a magical smell and to make your bed comfy. If you want to please your girlfriend or wife, you have to know what kind of atmosphere she wants. If she is a romantic soul then light some candles and play some music, but if she is not a romantic soul – you better make sure to find out what does she wants. On the other hand if you meet a girl at the bar, well then it is enough that your place is clean and smells good.

Start with Stimulating Her Mind

A girl’s brain is very different from a men’s brain. Men want sexy underwear, great butt and tits, but girls want their mind’s seduced. Start by whispering to your girl what you plan to do her tonight, sent her seductive messages and then she will rush in your home to ask you to make her squirt. She will be desperate for your touch and can’t wait to feel you inside her. If you meet a girl in a bar, then firstly make sure that she wants you tonight and then star saying to her what she can expect from you.

Powerful Fingers

Ah, finally the foreplay. If you can make a powerful foreplay, then you can be sure that your girl will squirt tonight. Every girl want an alpha men, who will grab her ass, pull her hair and lay her down on the bed. That moves drives them crazy. First kiss her neck passionately, then her boobs and then go down to her vagina. Put some watery lubricant on your fingers and start making circular touches on a girl’s clitoris. This will stimulate her vagina. Once her vagina is wet, you can put a finger inside and make round circles. Stroke your finger back and forth and then you can put another finger. Build the intensity of the fingers as she is starting to turn on more and more. You can see that by her body reaction. Start stimulate her G-spot inside the vagina while you still make circular touches on her clitoris. This will make her going nuts and orgasm. Speed things up and don’t worry you won’t hurt her, she just enjoys. If she is hurt she will tell you to slow down. What is most important is when you see her reaching the top, do not stop, just continue to do what you do faster and faster. Later on she will love you the most for making her reach the orgasm of her life.

The Benefits of Eliminating Cellulite from Your Body

cellulite-legs-1140722_640Cellulite refers to subcutaneous fat that is normally found in the skin’s fibrous tissue. This substance causes skin dimpling and skin sagging. However, the good news is that cellulite can be gotten rid of thus restoring your attractive appearance. You can consult your dermatologist on the best methods for getting rid of cellulite. This is because different people recommend different methods. One of the most commonly used methods in getting rid of this substance is dry skin brushing. Below is a list of the main benefits of getting rid of cellulite from your body:

i. Helps in Stimulation of the Lymphatic System

The lymphatic system is usually responsible for the elimination of cellular waste products. This makes it a very key system in ensuring that your body remains healthy. The human body can’t survive if it’s unable to effectively get rid of cellular waste. The lymphatic system achieves this by allowing waste to be collected from the body tissue through its numerous tubules. This waste is then transported to the blood for elimination. Getting rid of cellulite allows this system to function more effectively thus avoiding accumulation of toxins in the body. Lymphatic congestion also results to inflammation.

ii. Leads to Exfoliation

Exfoliation refers to the process of getting rid of the dead cells in from the surface of your skin. This is very effective especially when you decide to use dry skin brushing to get rid of cellulite. Exfoliation helps in improving your skin appearance since it becomes soother. It also plays a key role in clearing the clogged pores on your skin. This allows your skin to “breathe” better thus improving your general skin health.

iii. Boosts Blood Circulation in the Body

Cellulite can limit the rate of blood circulation to the various parts of your body especially if you allow it to accumulate in excess. Once gotten rid of, blood circulation in the skin and the entire body improves greatly. Good blood circulation plays a key role in elimination of metabolic waste. This therefore ensures that your body remains healthy.

iv. Boosts Skin Aeration

After removal of cellulite from the body, your dumb skin usually regains its original state and its pores open up. This ensures that the skin remains aerated throughout. Skin aeration is vital since it helps in increases the rate of skin detoxification. The more aerated your skin is the more soft and smooth it becomes. This gives your skin a young and healthy appearance.

Techniques to Make a Girl Squirt by Fingering Her

fingering-99761_640The most important part of trying to make any girl squirt is foreplay- and lots of it! Foreplay for women is very important in getting them wet and ready to engage in any sexual actions. If you really would like to get your girl to squirt make sure she is comfortable first. If this is her first time then a bed is a great place to lay and relax as you attempt this. Giving her a pillow underneath her will not only help her be comfortable but will allow you more room and access to do what you need to. Making your girl squirt is not hard once you get down the basics.

Remember two things when attempting this: Comfort is a must for her and her G-spot plays the most important role in making her squirt.

Now to get on with the actual actions. The clitoris, as with most foreplay, is the place you want to start, rubbing slowly over the area to lubricate her vagina. Gradually increase the speed you are rubbing at and the pressure. When she is properly wet it is time to slip your finger into her and begin fingering her. The wall at the top of the vagina is the best place to focus your attention. Take your pointer and middle finger and use that to rub the inside of her vagina. You will need to find her G-spot, which when found should cause your girl to moan. It is usually found on the top wall of her vagina. Rub her G-spot, increasing pressure as you go, while your thumb rubs the clitoris. Increasing pressure and speed during this will cause a large build up. The girl needs to stay relaxed. This build up is something many girls stop because they think it is pee. It is actually a build up of orgasm fluids that when released will cause squirting.

There are so many sex positions that help to cause a girl to squirt. There is a type of missionary that causes your penis to rub against her G-spot. You must be on top however you must enter at an angle where you are on your knees. The girl then raises herself up to make her vagina level with your penis. She can then wrap her legs around your body and you will lightly thrust causing your penis to rub up against her G-spot. Do not thrust all the way however or you may not hit it. Another position is set up the same way as this one except her legs will be straight up in the air on your shoulders. This gives you much more room to access her vagina and when hitting the right spot can cause her to squirt.

After all this, remember that after a girl squirts she will usually require a resting period as squirting may causes vaginal sensitivity and may cause her to be in pain if you continue. Be gentle and always ask for consent before engaging in sexual activity or continuing after making her squirt.

Top 3 Ingredients That Help To Increase Sperm Count Naturally

sperm-count-34808_640Finally, you as well as your beloved one are determined to have a child. It’s the greatest symbol of your commitment and responsibility to one another. Each of you is going to have your own personal part to play. Besides looking after herself as well as the baby’s health, she’ll have to carry your little one for 9 months. It’s up to you to plant the seed which will get the process going. Although, it may sound straightforward, nevertheless it is imperative for you to consume food to improve your sperm count.

It isn’t always as simple as it might sound. Your sperm will be required to travel to the proper destination and also enter through a significant barrier for reaching the egg. In fact, this particular task has to be accomplished by millions of sperm. You need to take the responsibility for performing the job flawlessly. Consider consuming the proper food to improve your sperm count so that you are able to get it done.

In the subsequent paragraphs, we will mention the top 3 ingredients to boost your sperm count naturally.

1. Dark chocolate

Besides being utilized in seduction, dark chocolate also offers several health benefits. According to a recent research, dark chocolate can boost a sense of attraction between a couple by releasing endorphins which are also produced during lovemaking. This particular ingredient furthermore consists of a significant quantity of L-arginine, which is also found in spinach, red meat, lentils, nuts, seafood, eggs, whole grains, and soy. L-arginine, which is basically an amino acid, is required for the creation of sperm and boosts the sperm count plus the semen volume while consumed. In accordance with a reputed university in Michigan, sperm count, as well as fertility, will increase substantially after a few months of L-arginine supplementation. In addition to this, the dilation of the blood vessels can also be improved by this particular amino acid which aids to increase the size of the penis by improving blood circulation to the sex organs. Because of this reason, men who eat dark chocolate on a daily basis are reported to be more powerful and they also have better satisfaction peaks.

2. Garlic

The blood circulation in our body can be significantly improved by the consumption of garlic. A chemical known as allicin is found in garlic. Allicin is accountable for many incredible health benefits of garlic such as its antimicrobial, as well as anti-hypertension properties. This particular compound helps prevent plaques from accumulating in arteries and improves the flow of blood to the genital region which boosts the generation of sperm. NOS or nitrous oxide synthase is also found in garlic that plays an essential role in a healthy penile erection. Our body is supplied with vitamin B6 plus selenium by the consumption of garlic which is accountable for healthy sperm production.

3. Pomegranates

These ingredients have the ability to alleviate lots of issues ranging from low sperm count to cold and flu. Pomegranates consist of antioxidants that fight chemical substances known as malondialdehyde (MDA) present in our bloodstream which destroys sperm. Usually related to low sperm quality this particular chemical is also present in the semen. A recent study has found that the amount of MDA is enhanced in our semen if we are addicted to cigarettes. One more study demonstrated that the free radicals are destroyed and also sperm quality is enhanced by the daily intake of pomegranate juice.

So, apply the above pornstar tips and become the man every woman wants to be with in bed, and this will also help you in the process of ejaculating more cum than you have ever imagined in your life.

Best Way of Pleasing Your Girl Through Oral

eat-her-out-1206796_640Vaginas can be unpredictable. Ask any girl. Consequently, she might be conscious about you getting up close and personal with her vagina. However, women LOVE when you go down on them. It’s the ultimate sign of trust, and it has additional healing and relaxation benefits. Here is how to please her:

Get Her to Be Comfortable

Give her time to relax. Heck, you can tell her to relax. This way, she gets to enjoy oral sex as much as you do. Next, get her in a comfortable position. Prop pillow if you have to, whatever position works best for both of you. Remember, the wider she is, the better access for you, which means more pleasure for her.

Take Your Time

Tease her. Focus attention on the rest of her body first to warm her up. The “heat-seeking tongue missile technique” doesn’t work for women. You must build her up before you go in for the kill.
Spread the love… slowly.

The idea of oral sex is to savor every moment of it. You do not have to devour hungrily and at the clit. It gets very uncomfortable if it is overstimulated. Mix it up with other areas that are sensitive such as her inner thighs, labia and even the vagina itself. Play with your tongue; make it hard, rigid, pointy or soft. Be experimental and you will find 1001 ways of stimulating her that you never knew before. Nibble (SOFTLY!!) on various parts, and you can use your breath on her super sensitive skin.


Listen to her response. She does not have to speak for you to hear her. Just listen and observe her behavior. If the breathing is getting heavier and moaning, you are doing it right. If she is tightening her grip on your head, you might want to continue doing what you are doing because her pleasure is heightening and she is about to climax.

Also, listen to her rhythm and work with it. Don’t change the pace suddenly. I repeat, DO not change the pace suddenly! Your jaw might be hurting, but at this point, persistence is key. Carry on until she climaxes.


Depending on what you like as a couple, you can try out different things. You can incorporate sex toys, or use various positions such as 69. The ultimate goal is to increase pleasure through new ways.

You can also use your hands, not necessarily on her lady parts, but also on the rest of her body. Caressing her body and breasts can add extra pleasure to oral sex. You can also use it to stimulate her G-spot while licking her clit to intensify her climax.

Benefits of Oral Sex

Women benefit from oral sex as it relieves stress, boosts immunity, burns calories, decreases pain, and increases intimacy. It is important to note that what worked for a particular day might not necessarily work for the next. The key to giving your girl excellent oral is to try out different things and finding one that works for her at that time. Be experimental and you will be rewarded by an orgasm or multiple orgasms!

Advantages of Shooting a Huge Amount of Your Semen

shoot-sperm-956480_640I know the cum point nauseates a couple people, however now and again you need to turn the other way and face the dull substances of the recreation action each human appreciates. Thus, we should get into it. Should we?

Firstly, the capacity to shoot your semen far, be it on to your woman’s face, asshole or vagina (the decision is yours), is reliant on a couple of variables among them, your semen volume. Be that as it may, the advantages of yanking far away are much too much, here’s a couple.

Expanded Fertility

From our essential science, sperms are the key component in male fertility, yet low semen volume is known not infertility in men. By figuring out how to shoot far, you’ll figure out how to keep up your semen volume, and that is an essential variable. All things considered, sperms swim in semen. I think about how far you can swim in shallow water.

It Helps Your Confidence and Self-Esteem

Would you get a woman to bed realizing that the furthest your cum can go is a couple of crawls or knowing you can shoot that cum everywhere all over? I for one incline toward the last mentioned. Shooting far likewise accompanies sexual skill, and that is an element that will dependably wait over your self-esteem.

The Further You Shoot Semen, the Better Your Orgasm

More semen means better and more pleasurable orgasm. Be that as it may, you know this as of now, isn’t that right? On occasion, men discharge for execution instead of for joy. This is because their semen doesn’t keep going sufficiently long to give them enough pleasure, and consequently, they hustle off to discharge.

Realizing that you shoot your sperm far, conditions your mind to expect more extended delight. Molding your mind results to the better orgasm.

It Keeps the Woman Glad

Women dependably require confirmation that their accomplice is fulfilled and that they have done the best for their accomplice and discharging everywhere all over goes far in giving them the fulfillment they require. On the off chance that you spill (cum on your penis head), your woman won’t charge cheerfully in light of the fact that she’ll feel that it was her issue. It’s never their shortcoming. So you should cum until she shouts like she’s the one cumming.

Better Sexual Well being

The “Shoot your cum far” bundle accompanies a couple of additional items. Figuring out how to discharge further involves practicing your PC muscles and all the while, making them more grounded. Fortified PC muscles will help you keep away from early release and stay erect for a more drawn out time. Furthermore, your erection will likewise be harder. These are the things we as a whole need and think about where it begins, at shooting far. Along these lines, your call.

Whether you need to shoot far for renown or to better your odds of siring a child, it’s essential to remember the best practices that will empower you to shoot far. Decreasing your rate of development is one key move which permits semen to develop. Recall that you got the chance to have enough water in the tank before you open the valve. The Kegel’s activities are usually used to reinforce PC muscles. Different methods incorporate better-eating regimen and edging.